Ways to Lose Weight in a Healthy Manner

Feb 07, 2019

At some point all of us feel the need to lose some weight, shed those extra kilos. Some of us want to fit into our old skinny clothes, while some may want to do it for reasons pertaining to health like getting cholesterol under control and some of us just want to remain fit and healthy. Reasons can be many, but what we need to be mindful of is that we lose weight in a healthy manner and not damage our health and sanity in the process.

Here are a few health tips backed by science that have proven to be successful in weight management and at the same time have had a positive impact on the overall health and wellness:

  1. Mindful Eating: Mindful eating involves paying complete attention to what we eat or drink. It involves savoring what we eat, eating in small portions and chewing the food we eat thoroughly. The practice roots back in Buddhist teachings and can be very helpful in losing weight and overall weight management. This technique not only helps you in gaining control over your food habits but also helps reduce binge eating and makes you feel better.

  2. Including More Fiber in Your Diet: Fiber rich foods include fruits, vegetables, peas, pulses, nuts, seeds, cereals, whole wheat pasta and bread, oats, barley etc. Fiber-rich foods not only fill you up faster and keep you satisfied longer, they also prevent your body from absorbing some of the calories in the foods you eat, especially sugar and starch.

  3. Avoid Sugar and Refined Carbohydrates: Refined carbohydrates are processed foods which contain no fibers or nutrients. These foods digest quickly and convert to sugar rapidly triggering insulin production in body which increases fat storage in tissues leading to weight gain. Sugar rich foods on the other hand lead to obesity. Cutting these in your diet will definitely lead to weight loss and a better health.

  4. Exercise Regularly: Exercise daily for at least 30 minutes in a day. This helps in increasing your metabolic rate thus helping in burning calories faster. Also, it keeps your mind and body fit.

  5. Sleep Right: Studies suggest that in sufficient sleep i.e. sleep less than 5-6 hours in a day slows down the body’s metabolism. Metabolism is a process in which the body converts calories to energy. When the metabolism rate drops, the body stores unused energy as fat. Also, poor sleep quality leads to increase in cortisol and insulin levels, which prompt fat storage.


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