Chakra Meditation: The Secret to Become a Calm and Grounded Self

Apr 08, 2019

The word “Chakra” has become a motto of the new age crowd. A surprising number of people are inclining towards chakra meditation to achieve a sense of contentment, peace, and heightened charges of energy. Interestingly, the people residing in European countries are willing to know more about the Chakras, and it has acquired the fifth most popular search term for an interest in chakra meditation.

First, you need to know the basics of chakras and then come back and see how you can use your chakras to boost concentration, beat stress, and increase energy levels.

What is Chakra Meditation?

Chakra meditation is a set of relaxation techniques which focus on bringing balance, relaxation, and well- being to the chakras. Since chakras are the body’s main energy centres, any blockage will lead to physical and emotional problems which are something nobody wants. Through this meditation, one can achieve the optimum level of balance and relaxation.

The Benefits of Chakra Meditation

According to Emmy Lou Knowles, a healer and an intuitive life coach,  “With chakra meditation, you actively participate with your whole body, explore its layers on a healing level and witness the effects of thoughts and feelings.”

  • Chakra meditation builds up strength from the core and develops an immense amount of willpower.
  • When a negative situation arises, chakra meditation enlightens us to open our minds. The ability to see good in the bad or adverse situations gets easy and the ability to deal with it gets easier.
  • Do you ever think-'Hm, I wish my face wasn’t so chubby' or ' Ugh I hate my nose'. While practising chakra meditation, you start accepting yourself for who you are. The healing of chakra allows you to access this acceptance and makes you a stronger person.
  • Another awesome benefit of chakra meditation is that it works wonders for anxiety. There might be many times that you get panicked over the future or get overly paranoid over all the avalanche-like outcomes of each situation.

Practising chakra meditation just a couple times a week can help ease anxiety so that you enjoy more from the day!

How to perform a chakra meditation?

The technique to perform a chakra meditation depends on the person, and it changes with each set. If you are a visual person, we suggest using the colours associated with each chakra as a focal point. If you are not a visual person, we suggest you place a hand at each point to understand how you feel and focus the attention on these points while guiding through the meditation.

Meditation does not necessarily require closed eyes; this is used as a means to soften the mind and help you focus. In technique like a candle meditation, it requires sitting open-eyed watching the flame throughout, closing the eyes at the end of the practice. Once you have a visual cue of the chakra points and as you learn to focus on each point, you will see how it starts working effectively from the root to the crown of your head.
Once you reach the crown, we would recommend closing your eyes.

Guided chakra meditations are blissful if audio is more your forte. They indicate to the positioning and colour of each just not the name. You can use visualisation as you move further through the meditation.

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