After Work Yoga Poses To Relieve Your Muscles and Mind

Mar 19, 2019

Here is a scary truth: the average American adult spends 11 hours a day staring at some sort of the screen. It’s all about Swipe. Click. Binge. Repeat.
We are always hunched over a laptop, trying to achieve inbox zero or double tapping our Instagram feed at lightning speed. Now that’s almost double the number of time we spend sleeping, and far, far more than on any other single activity in a given day. The popular saying that “Your job is killing you” is no more a joke. It might be true. Not only it is messing with our mental health, bedtime routines, and even our vision but also these screen- front hours can have serious detrimental effects on our body.

For those of us with computer- heavy jobs, stepping away from the screen isn’t exactly an option. No worries! There are yoga postures that target areas of tension can be an effective antidote to many desk- job ailments. So practice these yoga postures now to combat the bodily wear and tear of everyday life.

Downward Facing Dog Pose- If You Are Constantly Learning Over Your Laptop

Downward Dog Pose also known as the Adho Mukha Svanasanais the foundational pose of most yoga flows. It is the best yoga move that you can do after sitting all day.

It is a holistic pose that strengthens many parts of the body. To practice this pose, move into an inverted”V” shape. Outstretch both the hands in front, lift the hips and ground the feet at about hips- width apart into the floor. Point the fingers forward and bring your attention to the breath as you enjoy the stretch for 30-60 seconds.

The pose helps you strengthen and lengthen muscles in the body. It reduces tension in the shoulders, relaxes the neck, and lets blood flow more into the brain. It is a comfortable pose to get the stretchy legs after long hours of sitting in a position. This pose is also great for stretching out the wrists and hands, which may become tired from hours of typing.

Mountain Pose- When Your Hips Need To Take a Break from the Desk

You'd be surprised to know at how much good the Mountain Pose or Tadasana can do for those sitting joints. With this powerful back and chest opening posture you can counter a long day of contracting the back.

Mountain pose is like the base of the mother of all asanas, from which other asanas emerge. It can be practiced at any time of the day. Moreover, it is a perfect way of welcoming space and reconnecting with the sensation of our true union with stillness. Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Now bring your hands up over your head with palms facing forward and hook your thumbs. Move your torso backward and make a slight backbend. Relax your neck and head. Breathe deeply to enjoy its benefits.

One of the most powerful poses, Tadasana, improves body posture. It aligns the spinal skeleton system and brings it in a natural ‘S' shape. The knees, thighs, and ankles are also strengthened, making the lower body strong which is vital for healthy mobility and warding off injuries. While activating the flow of pranayama, this pose energizes the body and help in expelling the dreariness and depression.

Bound Angle Pose- When Your Hips Get Tight By Spending Long Hours Sitting

Your hips are going to start to pay the price if you spend sitting for long hours on an uncomfortable desk chair. Thankfully there is an easy fix!

Bound Angle Pose or BaddhaKonasana helps to open the hips and ease sciatica discomfort. The sciatic nerve is present in the lower back and runs down both the leg. The pain occurs in the nerve when it is somehow compressed. Sitting for long periods exacerbates it. This yoga is a great way to ease any tightness you may feel in the body. This beautiful pose is a wonderful grounding position that leads to the creation of a serene place for delving into a meditation state.

Sit on the floor by keeping your legs and back straight. Now keep your hands on the ground. While exhaling, bend your knees and bring the heels close to the pelvic region. Clasp your hands around the feet. Like butterfly wings, flap the knees up and down several times. After practicing it for 3-4 minutes, sit still and focus the weight of the hips and thighs into the floor. During the performance of the pose, be kind to your knees and include it in your favorite yoga sequence. It works miraculously!

Child’s Pose- When You Want to Ease Your Anxious Mind

It’s time that you take a break. Child’s pose or Balasana is a restful pose which is both nourishing and nurturing.

It is a true resting pose and one that you can hold for a long period of time. The moment you place your head on the mat, namely your ‘third eye,’ or the spot between your brows, it has an instant calming and soothing effect on your brain. If you are finding yourself in a place where you have many thoughts swirling around in your head, then this position is amazing. Also, if your job is to sit all day long or stand for long periods of time then this pose will lower the chances of compression on your lower back.

Start this pose by sitting down with your legs beneath you, toes touching, and knees spread apart from each other. Now drape your chest down between your thighs and bring your forehead to the floor. You can choose to either extend the arms out in front of you or rest them by your sides. While breathing deeply, rest in the position for as long as desired.

With all these poses, remember to breathe deeply and rhythmically. It is a very cleansing process for the body, so don’t underestimate it. If there is something that feels wrong while practicing these poses or if there are any injuries, consult with a health professional and make sure you are doing what’s right for your body.

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