Reasons Why Ashtanga Yoga Is Good For You| Ashtanga Yoga Benefits

Mar 19, 2019

There are many yoga poses which we practice to keep our body fit and healthy, and these yoga poses are practiced by everyone from a sports person to a non-sports person. But Ashtanga Yoga pose is one of the best yoga forms which should be practiced by athletes. It is one of the most physically challenging forms of yoga. To practice this form, one should have enough strength and stamina.

Ashtanga Yoga suits everyone and helps in cleansing and building strength. It helps to reduce weight if you practice this pose safely and mindfully. This form of yoga also reduces the risk of injuries.

This powerful yoga pose was developed and practiced by Late Shri K Pattabhi Jois in the 1940s. He not only developed the sequence of postures but a system that combines the use of asanas (sequence of postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), bandhas (use of internal muscles), and Drishti (focus).

Here are the 10 reasons how Ashtanga Yoga changes your lifestyle and why it is good for you.

Reduce Stubborn Fat

Today 40% of people are facing the problem of obesity, and this is all to blame to the modern lifestyle. There are several Ashtanga Yoga poses which helps you to reduce your stubborn body fat and also help you get a lean and toned body. The practice of this yoga pose detoxifies the body and assists in getting rid of arms and stomach fat.

Improves Flexibility

It is said that if a person is slim, he or she is flexible, but it is entirely wrong. As with most forms of yoga, flexibility comes by practicing several Ashtanga Yoga poses. You should never push your body too far too fast. The more you have your flexible body, the more you will enjoy doing Yoga.

Flexibility comes when yoga is practiced daily. Ashtanga Yoga promotes the flexibility of the body.

Build Inner Strength and Stamina

If a person has a toned body, it does not mean he has enough strength. To build strength one has to practice Ashtanga Yoga poses daily. The use of bandhas (use of internal muscles) helps to build strength and stamina which keep you energized the whole day. It focuses on muscle training and improves your physical strength. It rejuvenates your body, making it even stronger and boosts up your stamina and endurance.

Boost Confidence

Aside from strengthening and reducing weight, the act of meditation boosts your confidence. As you practice yoga the process of releasing stress from your mind begins. When you are free from anxiety, you are able to establish an internal connection with yourself and when you are connected with yourself, automatically your confidence level increases.

Helps in LearningThe Art of Yogic Breath

Ashtanga Yoga is not only about practicing postures but also practicing bandhas and pranayama.

Yoga is the art of practicing breath. In the times of stress and depression, one should learn the art of practicing breathe. One should practice Ujjayi breathe, the art of taking purified air through nostrils. This breathing technique increases the metabolic fires and increases prana.

Improves Balance and Stability

There are several Ashtanga Yoga poses which help to improve your balance and stability. The practice of improving balance requires a lot of efforts. It teaches us to tap into the strengthening of deep muscles that coordinate the separate parts of the body into an integrated whole.

While practicing balancing pose, "Drishti" which is the focal point plays an essential role. In a broader sense, it means where we focus our energy. We also use other sensory inputs like the senses of touch or hear etc., but the sense of vision is our primary means of maintaining stability about our surroundings.

Improve Muscle Tone

Yoga is a form of strength training whichspecializess in the use of inducing muscular contraction which builds strength, endurance, and size of skeletal muscles.

Creates Internal Body Heat

The combination of Ashtanga Yoga and Ujjayi creates heat in the body and makes the blood thin so that it can circulate freely. Even in winters by practising proper Ujjayi breathe one can generate enough heat to not only sweat but have enough liquid pouring from the pores of the body that one can easily slip their hands into garbapidasana (Womb Embryo Pose).

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Some Ashtanga Yoga methods use specific meditation techniques which focus the mind on breathing and instruct the mind to quit the constant “chattering.” Once your mind is quiet, you relieve stress and feel relaxed. It boosts the oxygen level to the brain, leaving you feeling happier and relaxed the whole day.

A Complete Plan for Wellness

Ashtanga Yoga is the complete wellness plan. When you start practising Astanga form, you will feel the difference in your body, mind, and attitude. It connects us to our centre and improves our inner self. It aims to keep you fit and content the whole day.

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