Our Secret Weapon to Battle Sleep Deprivation

Apr 11, 2019

Do you crave for a truly sound sleep? Has your lifestyle turned you into a night owl lately? Well, a guided sleep meditation or “Yoga Nidra” is at your rescue. 

Yoga Nidra is one of the easiest and powerful yoga poses. Yogic sleep is a powerful meditation technique and an easy yoga practice to develop. While you practice yoga nidra, you rest comfortably in “Savasana or the Corpse Pose,” this systematic meditation process takes you through the “Panch Maya Kosha” (five layers of self) which leaves you with the sense of wholeness. 15 minutes of Yoga Nidra, relaxes your mind and body. When you wake up after doing yoga nidra you feel fresh and energetic. This is the best yoga meditation to relax.

Yoga nidra is a state where your body gets relaxed while you are in a conscious state. You are in a state of lucid dreaming or incognizance of your dream environment but have little or no awareness of your actual environment. When you are in a deep state of restoration or relaxation, you direct your attention to different parts of the body and then activate the nerves in those areas. Yoga nidra is usually practiced post your yoga workout because your body is already warm while doing this pose. The body temperature drops in the process, and you might end up feeling cold, so you should keep a blanket handy.

It is advisable not to practice it after lunch, and this yoga nidra can be practiced on its own. Always try to practice it in a peaceful place where there is no disturbance or clutter.

How to Do Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra is a powerful practice which instills profound relaxation. To experience a good amount of peace in a short period of time, practice the following steps:

  • Practice this pose by lying down, don’t have to fuss over uncomfortable seating position and deal with cramps and discomfort.
  • Now listen to what the teacher or yoga instructor tells you to do.
  • The practice of yoga nidra is clearly defined, and you can learn these steps very easily if practiced daily. The more comfortable and familiar you are with this technique, the more benefits you will get from this.

Yoga Nidra Is Also Meditation:

Yoga Nidra is a meditation which is now being practiced by majority of people. In the yoga sutras meditation is defined by dhyana or effortless concentration.  It is a secret weapon which many yogis swear by. One hour of deep meditation is as effective as three hours of regular sleep. Yoga Nidra is about conscious relaxation. It increases awareness of sensation in the muscular, connective and nerve tissues. Yoga Nidra is an important part of yogic mediation framework.

Yoga Nidra Is Extremely Powerful:

It can change the way you choose to lead your life. Being such a powerful process, Yoga Nidra connects us wholeheartedly with our inner self. It is bliss and we can entirely re-frame the way how we see the world. In this process our physical body and the conscious mind are relaxed. It is the subconscious mind which plays a major role.

Sankalpa, which is also known as the spiritual resolve, is made during yoga nidra. You make it twice during the practice, one at the beginning when the conscious mind is settled and second when the subconscious mind is receptive. Yoga nidra + sankalpa are a truly yogic superpower.

So when you practice a guided sleep meditation, it will help you settle the chaotic mind. When you rest the body that restfulness is what makes it easier to wind down and drift off. 

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